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Spanning approximately a half mile, the Bob Michel Bridge carries traffic on IL 40 over the Illinois River. Built in 1993, it accommodates an average of 17,000 vehicles per day and is one of six bridges that cross the Illinois River in the Peoria metro region.


IDOT in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration, is conducting Phase I Engineering to determine improvements to the Bob Michel Bridge. Specific considerations include bridge deck preservation and improved bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. Phase II Engineering which includes development of construction plans and specifications will commence once Phase I is complete. 

Project study limits are located in Peoria County and Tazewell County and specifically include:

  • IL 40 from south of SW Jefferson Street to south of the Tractor Drive/River Road intersection

  • Tractor Drive/River Road intersection from Conference Center Drive to W Camp Street

  • SW Adams Street from Walnut Street to Harrison Street

Bob Michel Study Location Map.jpg
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